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Welcome to the Chettinad Health City Medical Journal. You may wonder why we need another Medical Journal when we have a plethora of Medical Journals.

The Core Committee also dwelt on this point and felt there is indeed scope for another Medical Journal particularly to address the explosion of Medical Knowledge and Medical Technology in different fields of medicine.

Chettinad Health City Medical Journal will be a peer reviewed journal. The journal will have different sections addressing the medical students in their final years, the General practitioners & Specialists early in the career.

The journal will have the following sections:

1. Original articles

2. Review articles

3. Case study

4. Perspective / Opinion articles

5. Interview with eminent Medical/ Health Personality

6. Interesting ECG

7. Class rooms/ Student Tutorial – A topic of interest to the Undergraduate students

8. From the pages of history

9. Medical / Laboratory instrumentation

10. Medical Hypotheses

11. Debate

The first issue of the journal is addressing “Oral Health”. Oral Health can be a reflection of our body’s health. Poor oral hygiene has been implicated in many conditions like pre term labour, coronary heart disease, osteomyelitis, dermatological conditions, to name a few. Therefore it is essential to maintain oral health for the overall health of the human being.

An original article outlines the different oocyte abnormalities encountered in an assisted reproductive technology programme.

The current issue carries two review articles. The first review article on “ Inflammation in acute coronary syndrome” outlines the role played by inflammation. Inflammation is an integral part of many pathological processes. It is probably the final common pathway in many conditions. The article describes several different pathways involved in inflammation in acute coronary syndrome.

The second article reviews the relation between osteoporosis and periodontitis. Osteoporosis is a “pandemic”. Reduced exposure to sun, changes in life style and food habits may all contribute to osteoporosis. The article indicates that periodontitis and mandibular bone loss may be early indicators of osteoporosis.

There are several interesting case reports. There is a case report on “ Seckel syndrome”. The case report on “Gastric volvulus” with wandering spleen, emphasises the life threatening nature of the condition. Missing anterior teeth is often a social stigma. A case report outlines the management of missing front teeth.

The class room article on “Acute abdomen” describes the management of the condition as we see in our clinics.

Medical update highlights several current publications from around the world, which are of immediate concern to all of us.

The tale of two symbols from the pages of history clears the confusion around the medical emblem.

I hope you will enjoy going through the issue. Please do give us your valuable feedback.

Chief Editor : Chettinad Health City Medical Journal

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